Logan Paul will knock out Floyd Mayweather

The title says it all. Let’s start by diving deep into some of the reasons why I believe Logan Paul will beat Floyd Mayweather tonight.

First, Logan could land one punch. Ya honestly, he will probably only land one punch… if that. Well, because of his height, and strength, Logan could use that to his advantage. But in reality, Floyd is just going to swirve around Logan with his quickness, and even though Logan Paul is 17 inches taller than Floyd Mayweather, Floyd is still stronger. Ok wait, we have hope. Why? Floyd is old. He’s way past his prime. He’s wrinkly. Well, ya but he’s also got years of experience on Logan Paul who has exactly one fight under his belt. And did I tell you he lost that one fight? What about the fans? Doesn’t everyone hate Floyd Mayweather, so the fans will give a boost to Paul. About that… The Paul Brothers have their fair share of haters, especially when Jake Paul, the younger brother does things like snatching the hat off of the greatest boxer of our generation during a stare down.

If you factor all these things, and toss in the fact that Floyd Mayweather has never lost, and is one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and is about to box a youtuber, you would think that Mayweather will probably kill this kid. But guess what, you are wrong. Logan Paul will find away, no idea how, no one can explain how and no one will ever be able to explain how, but he will pull it off and Floyd Mayweather will forever be ruined.

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