Young’s big Game 2 performance won’t be enough to slow down Embiid and Sixers

We all saw game one. And if you didn’t, you should probably go check it out. Trae Young was remarkable. One of the most entertaining players in the NBA, just in his third year, and on the uprise, Young is attempting to break all odds. Heading into the series, the Hawks were projected to go down fairly easily to a strong, lengthy Philadelphia squad, but after a shocking game one performance by the entire Hawks lineup, we look to have a heated series creeping on us in Philly.

With game two minutes away, look for a desperate performance from MVP finalist Joel Embiid. By desperate, I mean must win, with an aggressive tone to start the game, and an enthusiastic play style from the big man. If you think it’s hard to slow down the crafty point guard out of Oklahoma, Trae Young, it’s even harder to intimidate Joel. When he wants to score, he will. He’s that dominant.

Both supporting casts will play a key role all series, but if the Hawks shoot the way they have been, which I expect them to, then this series will be nothing short of a deep battle.

For tonight’s game, Embiid will be dominant, Young will be dominant, but in the end, downtown Philly will be rocking and the Sixers will take game two in a high scoring affair.

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