Devin Booker is the Next KOBE

The Phoenix Suns have won nine straight games and a couple of years ago if I said that to you, you wouldn’t have even believed if I said it was nine regular season games. Ya well, it’s the playoffs. The Suns are red hot, and are approaching a knife in the throat game three in LA. 

After years of horrific basketball, there is one man, well maybe a couple, but one man in particular that has brought the winning ways to Phoenix, Devin Booker. The phenom out of Kentucky has been one of the most underrated scorers and playmakers of all-time in his first couple of years in the league, and all the haters are finally being taught a lesson with Bookers recent acts in the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

After an erupting performance of 70 points against the Boston Celtics early in his career, we always knew Devin Booker was going to be a superstar in this league, it was just a matter of when Phoenix could get the pieces to surround him. And finally, they have. The Suns acquired Chris Paul this offseason to support Booker’s incredible scoring ability and take some wait off the Kentucky man’s shoulders. 

When this season is all said and done, the Phoenix Suns will be crowned champions, Chris Paul will get his first ring, and Devin Booker will be the long lost hero for Arizona basketball. 

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