Trae Young is it

A small, weak, scronny point guard out of Oklahoma, projected to be yet another average Atlanta Hawks playmaker, has developed into a superstar. That’s right. I said it. Trae Young is a superstar. 

Comparisons to Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard during his college hoop days were only words. Most thought he would be a solid attribute to a .500 ball club. He has become one of the NBA’s best. The kid can shoot from anywhere on the court. The kid can find his big men at any given moment dropping dimes like Tom Brady. The kid can flat out play.

What we have learned about Trae Young during this cinderella playoff run by the Atlanta Hawks, is not only his ability to score and pass, but his ability to interact with a crowd, and beat a crowd. 

Most when playing sports would say performing in front of your home crowd is the best! For Trae Young, he loves going to away crowds and crushing die-heart, passionate, and loud hometown fans. Young has a pep in his step, and a sassy approach to his game. 

In game one versus Milwaukee, Young went into what some would say as an unbeatable arena, a place where the Bucks haven’t lost all playoff long, and completely torched whoever was stuck on the lethal superstar every possession.

There is no way to avoid it anymore, no way to make excuses or different claims. Trae Young has beaten a hungry New York Knicks, a top seeded Philadelphia 76ers, and up next is the most dominant team in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks. If Trae Young and the Hawks keep the momentum flowing for the rest of the series, I have no doubt they will pull off the unthinkable. You can’t bet against Trae Young. Because if you do, he will hit a step back three in your face and take a bow.  

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