Jack Cote

I’m bold. I’m crazy. I’m unrealistic. I’m the 16 seed of sports journalism. 99.9 percent of the time, I make a prediction, and it will be wrong. But what if it’s right. What if I am one out of one million people in the entire world to call Lehigh beating Duke. Why make a statement in the world of sports media, claiming Brooks Koepka will win the next major championship, when you can support the new underdog amateur from Killarney, Ireland. Why be satisfied with Jim Harbaugh’s streak of losses to the Buckeyes, when you can bizarrely argue the Maize and Blue will win the big ten. It’s about the dream becoming a reality. It’s about thinking the unthinkable. This is my collection of opinions on the underdog, the unthinkable, be it in sports or everyday life.