The Giannis train does not end here

Most people can’t even pronounce his last name, or his first name. Most people don’t enjoy the way he shoots or plays. He isn’t flashy. But guess what, he just had one of the most dominating finals performances of all-time. Game 6. Championship on the line. 50 points. 10 rebounds. 5 blocks. Giannis Antetokounmpo is it.

Now you are probably asking yourself, what is “it”. To put some clarification on the term “it”, I basically mean he is next in our league. When you look back to when the NBA started, there has always been a face of the league. For example, the last 10 years, it has been LeBron James. Before that it was Kobe. Before that it was Shaq and Duncan. Then of course, Michael Jordan. You go back in time and look at all of these faces of the league and what do they all have in common? They won championships.

For the past 3 years, Giannis Antetokumpo has been just about as unfair as a player in this league can get. It is with great confidence that I can say he is unguardable, but in a unique way. All he has been searching for is that championship. The championship to put him in a respected boat.

He came into this league as a scronny, lanky small forward who could dunk it every once and a while and try his best on both ends of the court. Now, he’s Thanos. You can’t get a shot by him. You can’t stay in front of him. He is dominating the game the easy way, and it is with efficiency. Stars like Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard who dominate, but at a more entertaining fashionable way, aren’t anywhere near the dominance that Giannis Antetokounmpo brings. He isn’t the best shooter in the league. As a matter of fact he is one of the worst, but to be completely honest, if Giannis could shoot the ball well, he would be the greatest basketball player of all-time.

So he has checked off the NBA Champion box in his lengthy, impressive resume. What’s next? In my opinion, more championships. He has proven that a championship can be won the hard way. No super team. A star with the right role players. There is no reason to believe the Giannis train stops here. He will dominate for the next 10 years, grab 3 more NBA championships, one more MVP, and become one of the greatest to ever do it. Giannis will not be stopped, especially not in the Eastern Conference. The legend of Giannis has just begun, and as fans of the game of basketball, we need to stop hating on his game, and appreciate his grind to success for his family.

Giannis wins finals MVP after defeating the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the 2021 NBA FInals

Devin Booker is the Next KOBE

The Phoenix Suns have won nine straight games and a couple of years ago if I said that to you, you wouldn’t have even believed if I said it was nine regular season games. Ya well, it’s the playoffs. The Suns are red hot, and are approaching a knife in the throat game three in LA. 

After years of horrific basketball, there is one man, well maybe a couple, but one man in particular that has brought the winning ways to Phoenix, Devin Booker. The phenom out of Kentucky has been one of the most underrated scorers and playmakers of all-time in his first couple of years in the league, and all the haters are finally being taught a lesson with Bookers recent acts in the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

After an erupting performance of 70 points against the Boston Celtics early in his career, we always knew Devin Booker was going to be a superstar in this league, it was just a matter of when Phoenix could get the pieces to surround him. And finally, they have. The Suns acquired Chris Paul this offseason to support Booker’s incredible scoring ability and take some wait off the Kentucky man’s shoulders. 

When this season is all said and done, the Phoenix Suns will be crowned champions, Chris Paul will get his first ring, and Devin Booker will be the long lost hero for Arizona basketball. 

Trae Young is it

A small, weak, scronny point guard out of Oklahoma, projected to be yet another average Atlanta Hawks playmaker, has developed into a superstar. That’s right. I said it. Trae Young is a superstar. 

Comparisons to Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard during his college hoop days were only words. Most thought he would be a solid attribute to a .500 ball club. He has become one of the NBA’s best. The kid can shoot from anywhere on the court. The kid can find his big men at any given moment dropping dimes like Tom Brady. The kid can flat out play.

What we have learned about Trae Young during this cinderella playoff run by the Atlanta Hawks, is not only his ability to score and pass, but his ability to interact with a crowd, and beat a crowd. 

Most when playing sports would say performing in front of your home crowd is the best! For Trae Young, he loves going to away crowds and crushing die-heart, passionate, and loud hometown fans. Young has a pep in his step, and a sassy approach to his game. 

In game one versus Milwaukee, Young went into what some would say as an unbeatable arena, a place where the Bucks haven’t lost all playoff long, and completely torched whoever was stuck on the lethal superstar every possession.

There is no way to avoid it anymore, no way to make excuses or different claims. Trae Young has beaten a hungry New York Knicks, a top seeded Philadelphia 76ers, and up next is the most dominant team in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks. If Trae Young and the Hawks keep the momentum flowing for the rest of the series, I have no doubt they will pull off the unthinkable. You can’t bet against Trae Young. Because if you do, he will hit a step back three in your face and take a bow.  

Young’s big Game 2 performance won’t be enough to slow down Embiid and Sixers

We all saw game one. And if you didn’t, you should probably go check it out. Trae Young was remarkable. One of the most entertaining players in the NBA, just in his third year, and on the uprise, Young is attempting to break all odds. Heading into the series, the Hawks were projected to go down fairly easily to a strong, lengthy Philadelphia squad, but after a shocking game one performance by the entire Hawks lineup, we look to have a heated series creeping on us in Philly.

With game two minutes away, look for a desperate performance from MVP finalist Joel Embiid. By desperate, I mean must win, with an aggressive tone to start the game, and an enthusiastic play style from the big man. If you think it’s hard to slow down the crafty point guard out of Oklahoma, Trae Young, it’s even harder to intimidate Joel. When he wants to score, he will. He’s that dominant.

Both supporting casts will play a key role all series, but if the Hawks shoot the way they have been, which I expect them to, then this series will be nothing short of a deep battle.

For tonight’s game, Embiid will be dominant, Young will be dominant, but in the end, downtown Philly will be rocking and the Sixers will take game two in a high scoring affair.

Logan Paul will knock out Floyd Mayweather

The title says it all. Let’s start by diving deep into some of the reasons why I believe Logan Paul will beat Floyd Mayweather tonight.

First, Logan could land one punch. Ya honestly, he will probably only land one punch… if that. Well, because of his height, and strength, Logan could use that to his advantage. But in reality, Floyd is just going to swirve around Logan with his quickness, and even though Logan Paul is 17 inches taller than Floyd Mayweather, Floyd is still stronger. Ok wait, we have hope. Why? Floyd is old. He’s way past his prime. He’s wrinkly. Well, ya but he’s also got years of experience on Logan Paul who has exactly one fight under his belt. And did I tell you he lost that one fight? What about the fans? Doesn’t everyone hate Floyd Mayweather, so the fans will give a boost to Paul. About that… The Paul Brothers have their fair share of haters, especially when Jake Paul, the younger brother does things like snatching the hat off of the greatest boxer of our generation during a stare down.

If you factor all these things, and toss in the fact that Floyd Mayweather has never lost, and is one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and is about to box a youtuber, you would think that Mayweather will probably kill this kid. But guess what, you are wrong. Logan Paul will find away, no idea how, no one can explain how and no one will ever be able to explain how, but he will pull it off and Floyd Mayweather will forever be ruined.

Game 7: Luka’s beginning

A home team has not won a game in this series. Disruptions continue to spark in LA. Luka continues to prove his star power. Kawhi continues to prove he’s one of the best. But in the end, Dallas will move on.

When the Dallas Mavericks took a commanding 2-0 series lead with two games to follow on their home floor, the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George era looked to be on its last legs. Buzz around the media started to rumble rumors that expressed Kawhi would be out of LA this off-season. Kawhi had a response for the media when he put his sorry Clippers on his back to storm back into contention by tying the series up at two a piece.

Luka Doncic, a man rising as one of the all-time greats right in front of our eyes, had a terrific start to the series. But, in games three and four, he failed to convert. In game 5 though, with the series on the line, the European phenom stepped up in Hollywood.

The Klaw stepped up in game 6 as well though. In a crucial elimination game, Kawhi dropped 45 points to send the series back to LA. But can the Klaw continue his magic in game 7? This final matchup between two stars growing a rivalry over the past two years of play will conclude this series with a Luka Doncic magical finish. Similar to his dagger last year in the bubble. I expect nothing shy of a historic moment tonight for the Dallas Mavericks future hall of famer. Yep, I said it. Three years in the league. Doesn’t matter. He will be a hall of famer. And his greatness starts tonight.

The rise of Trae Young will give the Hawks a chance

A team that has been in the shadows, the rockbottom, and the downslope since the exit of Al Horford, Kyle Korver, and prime Jeff Teague, has returned to winning ways. The Atlanta Hawks, after cruising past the New York Knicks, will play in a heated series against the one seed Philadelphia 76ers.

The two main stories heading into this series are the health of MVP Candidate Joel Embiid, and the greatness being displayed by the youngster out of Oklahoma, Trae Young. Obviously, the two most important players for their respective teams, the question being asked is can Trae Young lead his squad against this dominant and strong Philly squad?

When Trae Young first entered the NBA draft, there was a lot of criticism that he just simply wasn’t going to be successful in the NBA. One thing people didn’t realize is that he does it all. He can shoot from half court with ease, he has a top 3 floater game in the NBA, but his most deadly asset is his passing ability. Combining those three strengths, along with his handle, and his confidence, and his showmanship, for people to sleep on Trae Young was disrespectful to the game of basketball.

As players get ready to get drafted, analysts love to compare you to other NBA players. Trae was compared to Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard, which in my opinion is unfair. That’s where the hate and the disrespect and the “overrated” came into play. As a 20 year old, not even playing a single game in the NBA, to be compared to an all-time greats isn’t reasonable.

So fast forward three years after draft day, Trae Young is putting on a show in New York City, proving he is a top point guard in this league. Will it be enough against Philly? I think with the way the Hawks shoot the ball, and how this Atlanta team has nothing to lose, an upset could be in play here.

I expect Joel Embiid, a man who is simply unguardable, to take over this series, but Philly will need to be on the look out, because if Trae Young gets hot, this series will get interesting.

I’ll take Philly to win the series in 6. Why? Because Trae Young will continue to be great, but experience will win it in the end.

Losing in Sports Movies

Take a second, and think about this. Can you think of a sports movie where the featured team or featured athlete doesn’t win? Let me tell you something; there aren’t many. But, when a once in a generation movie with a losing outcome pops into cinematic form, boy oh boy, it’s a keeper. The risk a film director has to take for a story to end in the losing column is immense.

The easy road is for a final game-winning buzzer-beater to occur, as the star of the movie hits a slow-motion spin move, step back, double crossover, fadeaway, swishing the 30 footer over his defender. That’s boring. That’s predictable.

The greatest golf movie of all-time is Tin Cup.

The greatest basketball movie of all-time is Coach Carter.

Coach Carter meets his immature Richmond High School basketball team for the first time, and it isn’t pretty.

What do these two classics have in common?


A one-shot lead with an approach shot on 18 to win the U.S. Open, attempting the impossible, Roy McAvoy creates the most entertaining, the most chaotic, and the most comical ending to a story that anyone will ever see. What happens? He comes in 5th place.

A journey filled with ups and downs at Richmond High School, Coach Carter leads a rowdy and disrespectful squad to maturity. The reset button is pressed during a team lockout. Years of losing turn into an undefeated season. Undefeated until the championship game.

The Richmond Oilers lose by two points to rival Saint Francis in the long-awaited, highly anticipated state championship. Heartbreaking, yet breathtaking. We see scrappy high school brats turn into strong young men. They go out with a loss, but win a future.

Loss is a lesson. A lesson to be learned from. These two movies teach us lessons while flashing moments of becoming heroic. Not all Cinderella story’s finish with a fairytale ending, which defines these movies.

Losing is winning.